My name is Stephanie Gallon. I'm an author, academic blogger and lover of the written word.






October 2019 - Das Cabinet Des Herr Grimaldi published in Werewolves Versus: The Circus (#7)


July 2017 - The girlie-wolf good for nothing: Twilight and the Anti-Feminist She-Wolf published in Supernatural Studies 4 (1)


February 2016 - Wolfssegen published in Werewolves Versus: Romance (#2)


December 2015 - Dotty Grimm and the Red-Hooded Herring published in Young Writers' Anthology 2015


June 2015 - Wolfbann was published in Spectral Visions: Grim Fairy Tales


February 2014 - Untitled Corbeau Cox Piece was published in North East Writers, Vol. 2 [Out of Print]


February 2014 - The Swan Princess was published in Material #008 [Out of Print]


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